Serena Williams opens up about life off-camera: "I'm trying to figure out "

Friday, 14 June 2024 at 17:30
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Serena Williams commented that she is "figuring out" who she really is off-camera. The 23-time Grand Slam champion was at the premiere of her docuseries 'In The Arena: Serena Williams', at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
The former world No. 1 is the star of the documentary series that will air on ESPN+ and is Williams' account of her most significant Grand Slam appearances and career highlights. The series also explores Serena's pivotal moments off the court and her personal reflections now that her career is over.

Williams discusses post-retirement journey

Serena Williams maintains a busy life since her retirement, dedicated mainly to business and investments, but also one of her personal projects in the last year has been the production of the docuseries 'In the Arena', reviewing her career as a professional.
The series, which premieres on July 10 on ESPN+, will have eight episodes and a close account of Williams' legendary career, learning about her impressions and those of key figures throughout her life.
The world tennis legend appeared at the premiere of the series and chatted on the red carpet with 'Entertainment Tonight', where she had a relaxed moment of laughter. Williams was asked what she would tell herself at the age of 14: "Relax a little bit more," the former world No. 1 said.
Serena Williams played her last match at 2022 US Open.
Serena Williams played her last match at 2022 US Open.
"I was so intense on the court and wanted to be perfect at every moment, and obviously that’s not possible. So, just take a deep breath and just relax, and, you know, I think that would have helped me out a little bit."
"I think the journey was really amazing, but I think I was so young when I started on the circuit and became a professional player, I don’t know if it changed me or shaped me,” Williams added. “Now I’m trying to figure it out, and I talked about this in the documentary: you have to figure out who you really are away from the cameras, because I was on the cameras 24/7 for 27 years."

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