"She is gonna do it when she wants to": Venus Williams will find it hard to let go of tennis admits Rick Macci

Rick Macci recently praised Venus Williams for continuing to play on the WTA Tour at the age of 43.

The former world No. 1 is one of the greatest legends in tennis, completing her 30th season as a professional in 2023, and Venus Williams has already stated that she has no plans to retire soon.

Her former coach, Rick Macci, spoke on the podcast 'Match Point Canada.' Macci emphasized the 7-times Grand Slam champion's love for the sport and how it is reflected in the affection she receives from fans:

"As you know any athlete when they get to the fourth quarter of the back nine, it's hard to hang it up. Football, baseball, hockey, you know, when your skills maybe diminish a little bit. But, it's their decision. You can't listen to say, you are not as quick as you were. Not as fast, whatever. That time will come. She loves to play. It's must-see TV. Everybody loves V. She is gonna do it when she wants to,"

"And also at Wimbledon, she has grabbed five of them. You want to hear something crazy. I was at my office in 1991, I told Angela Buxon- "this little girl win five Wimbledon someday." Me and Venus used to practice two hours a day on grass to shorten the batswing, take it early, make a great volley spectacular, a good volley great, a bad volley good. So I did it as a development tool"

"But Venus beat what 14 in the world at Wimbledon. But she had such a bad loss at the US Open that it was magnified. You know what I am saying. She got beat bad. She'll do it when she is ready. But, she just loves to play, she just loves to be out there. I mean she has nothing to prove."

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