"She's not afraid to kind of get in your face," - Jessica Pegula expresses admiration for Danielle Collins' fiery personality

Saturday, 25 May 2024 at 01:30
American tennis star Jessica Pegula has admitted to being a big fan of Danielle Collins, highlighting her compatriots no-nonsense attitude and demeanor on and off the court.
Collins has been going through a resurgence of sorts over the last few weeks, winning her maiden WTA 1000 title in Miami earlier this year. The 30-year old would capture back-to-back titles, going to to win in Charleston the following week. Even more impressive is the fact that Collins has announced she will be retiring from the sport by the end of the 2024 season.
Pegula made a guest appearance on NBC Sports' podcast 'The French Connection', where she discussed the women's draw for the upcoming Roland Garros tournament. When asked about Collins, she revealed how much of a fan she was of her fellow American.
"Yeah, I'm a big Danielle Collins fan," revealed the World No.5. "I think she's great, I think she's entertaining. I think she's such a great personality, especially as a woman. She's not afraid to kind of get in your face and I think that sometimes people might get offended by that, maybe being a female, but she's not afraid to back down.
"Honestly, I feel like she kind of taught me a lot. I remember playing with her like world team tennis at the beginning and she sometimes... You got to throw a little extra drama in there and... She's just not afraid to like completely be herself on the court."

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