"She’s not welcome at the facilities": Venus Williams jokes about banning Serena Williams from her home

Sunday, 14 May 2023 at 10:30
Venus Williams joked about her sister Serena Williams and the "robberies" she has committed at her house.
The older Williams sister participated in a Q&A interview on her social media, where she answered some questions from fans in short videos. Her younger sister Serena has shared prank videos in which she steals objects from Venus' property, so the 7-time Grand Slam champion decided to ban Serena from entering her house:
“Her membership from Palm Beach flex was revoked. So, she’s not welcome at the facilities. And we have a eye out for her to make sure she doesn’t come in to cause mayhem. I’m sad it came to this but I’ve gotta start defending myself. It’s been years. Years! Simply years of her carrying on like his and I’ve got to stand up for myself,” Venus joked.
Venus Williams also talked about "the craziest thing she ever done", and she responded that she couldn't say specifically because she doesn't want her mother to find out:
“Well, I absolutely can’t say because then my mom would know. We can’t have that happening. But for most part, I don’t do crazy stuff but, you know, there’s a couple of things I’ve done,” she said.
Regarding her ambitions that she did not achieve in tennis, the former world No. 1 mentioned the Australian Open and the French Open, especially because she was close to achieving it, reaching the final in both (twice in the tournament played in Melbourne). However, she highlighted Wimbledon as the best trophy:
“Ya, couple of things. Probably like, French Open and Australian Open I’ve come so close. Didn’t quite work out but more than anything, I just want to be healthy,” confesed Venus.
“I mean, clearly Wimbledon has the best trophy. That trophy’s cool. Yeah, just google it,” she added.

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