Swiatek opens up about reasons for WTA Finals struggles - "PMS hit me hard that day"

Monday, 15 November 2021 at 20:30
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Iga Swiatek played two matches at the WTA Finals and lost both but today against Badosa she will have a chance to score her first victory.
It's been a less than ideal start for Iga Swiatek at the WTA Finals with the Polish player losing both of her first two matches. She will play her final match today against Paula Badosa before heading home and perhaps a win might give her confidence for the 2022 season. Speaking after those two losses Swiatek opened up about her struggles.
She said:
“I worked pretty hard the past two days to understand a little bit more of, like, why I felt so bad during the match against Maria. I don't want to make excuses or something. It's pretty hard to talk about that because I know in sports it's not that often. But like PMS really hit me that day."
The reason behind Iga opening up about a sensitive subject that is not talked about often in Women's sports is simple and she put it like this:
“I'm telling this for any young girl who doesn't know what's going on. Don't worry, it's normal. Everybody has it.”
Her mood improved in her 2nd match against Sabalenka where she almost got a win and talking about that she said:
“Well, for sure during that match it was a little bit easier for me to get focused and to keep my mind in good mindset. Yeah, I mean, I think I played really good. But for sure. I didn't have a lot of rhythm because also Aryna is that kind of player that doesn't let you get that rhythm. I hit a lot of frames, I'm aware of that."
Speaking further on that experience she said:
“But looking at how I felt when I came here, two days ago, also yesterday, I feel like I kind of won today, 2-1 maybe, because I won against my stress and a little bit of fear, but I lost against Aryna. In the end I'm going to think this is a positive day, and also I can get experience from all that stuff.”

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