Tatjana Maria succesfully defends her trophy in Bogota

Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 21:28
Tatjana Maria Wimbledon 3
One year after winning the Bogota WTA event Tatjana Maria did it again by beatin Peyton Stearns in the final 6-3 2-6 6-4.
The German has been playing really well since returning to tennis and after winning the trophy last year she did it again. That trophy won in 2022 was the first she won after returning and it's clear that something simply works for her in Bogota as she now did it again. It was a complicated match because she needed three sets.
The first set went well for her as she took it 6-3 with some impressive play. In the second set, we saw why Stearns was actually considered the slight favourite before the match began. She quite easily outplayed Maria to win the set 6-2 even though she was down a break early in it. The final set however saw Maria use her experience.
She patiently waited for her chance predicting a drop in level from Stearns and it happened. When she finally got her chance, Maria used it to finish off the match and earn another Bogota trophy.

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