"Tennis clothes are great for sex appeal," Eugenie Bouchard credits tennis attire for her modeling success

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 21:30
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Eugenie Bouchard commented that tennis clothes and short skirts are 'great for sex appeal'. The former Wimbledon runner-up and former world No. 5 spoke about her transition into the modeling world and the sexual appeal of tennis outfits.
In 2014, Bouchard found a place among the top players of the moment after reaching the semifinals at the Australian Open and French Open, and then the final at Wimbledon, where she fell to Czech Petra Kvitova. This exposure allowed her to secure lucrative deals off the court and enter the modeling world.
The Canadian spoke in an interview with Valeria Lipovetsky, mentioning that her ability to attract more sponsors grew as she became more comfortable with the attention: "Tennis, first of all, is a great sport for that sex appeal side,” she said.
"I mean, we're wearing short skirts, we're wearing tank tops. It's fun to turn on the TV and watch that. Right away, I was able to get great marketing deals off the court,” Bouchard added. "Being asked to be in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a few times. Exploring that path was definitely on my to-do list; it's definitely part of who I am because I think it's great.
"Why keep myself in a box? Why not try to become bigger, or better, or transcend tennis, or explore other fields? Tennis is the only thing I know, but it can't be the only thing I'll ever do in my life. So I found it very interesting to be in magazines or do fashion stuff and see that I really enjoyed these things as well."
Despite becoming one of the top players at just 20 years old, Bouchard couldn't replicate her great year for the rest of her career. In 2015, she reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and the fourth round of the US Open, but then only reached the third round of a Grand Slam a couple more times. Her last main draw was at the 2020 French Open, and since then, she hasn't surpassed the qualifiers.
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Recently, Bouchard faced criticism for transitioning to the world of pickleball. Many believed that the Canadian had lost her focus on tennis: "I would've done more of it. Completely. Why stop myself? There are things I said no to that I regret. Why stop myself from trying to be everything I can be? Maybe you wouldn't have heard of me if I didn't do some of my off-court stuff,” Bouchard stated.
"And that is just increasing my fanbase, my audience, which in turn helps me get better brand deals, better endorsements. Not just in a personal way for me, 'OK, I can actually make more money out of this,' but in a general sense, 'OK, we have someone who is maybe a casual fan who is going to come to the Miami Open to watch me play.'
"That's good for tennis in general, for female tennis, for women's sports, that's good for everything. The more we can expand and broaden our reach, the better it is, no matter in what way. So for anyone to possibly say anything about that to me is shocking," she concluded.

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