From Aorangi Park to Munich: Novak Djokovic turns manager with motivation towards Serbian national team at Euro 2024

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 22:47
Novak Djokovic was seen practicing at Aorangi Park this morning as he aims to make his bid towards Wimbledon, but he then suddenly was seen on the sidelines during Serbia's Euro 2024 match against Denmark.
Djokovic who was seen as very much unlikely to play Wimbledon initially has really confounded any sort of doubts about his ability to recover in quite astonishing fashion. Those watching on say he has barely lost a step. Mere weeks after surgery which doctors say takes months to recover from not mere weeks hence the prediction of missing Wimbledon.
But while it is a tentative week as he aims to decide whether he will play at Wimbledon, the same can be said for Serbia who faced Denmark with a win or bust message. Djokovic was seen on the sidelines motivating the players. From their greatest sporting export, he hoped to inspire his compatriots. But as of time of writing, it seems to be a boring 0-0 draw which does not help them in the slightest.
Still though it goes to show the astonishing pace in which Djokovic is coming back that he is very much on track towards his Wimbledon return albeit with a caveat that if he isn't 100%, he won't play.
"I didn’t come here to play a few rounds," the 37-year-old told BBC Sport.
"If I know I can play close to my maximum or at maximum, then I'll play. If not, then I'll give somebody else a chance to play."
"Rehab is going in the right direction every single day, a few per cent better and better. That's what's giving me hope and encouragement to keep going," he said.
"I'm taking things gradually. I'm not pushing myself yet 100% but I'm hoping that's going to come in the next few days."

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