Tennis fans react as Venus Williams left off Equal Prize Money poster: "Venus should be right next to Billie Jean King"

Thursday, 16 March 2023 at 01:00
venus williams wimbledon
WTA legend Venus Williams has been an advocate for equal pay for both men and women in all four Grand Slams.
The American spearheaded the movement in 2006 when the French Open and Wimbledon paid the male players more than the female players. Her actions yielded results, as both Majors announced in 2007 that men and women would be paid equally.
March 14 was National Equal Pay Day in the United States and the US Open used the occasion to mark 50 years since they became the first Grand Slam that paid male and female tennis players equally.
The tournament's Twitter shared an image that had Billie Jean King in the center along with the likes of Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Iga Swiatek, Emma Raducanu and Coco Gauff.
However, Venus Williams' image was placed in the left corner of the image, leading many fans to complain that the tennis icon was being disrespected.
"Venus should be right next to BJK… y'all so damn disrespectful," one fan's tweet read.
"I'm sorry but to place Venus, at the back of this photo is NASTY business. Especially because today, because of her, and her valiant efforts towards equal pay, women earn the same as men, at not only Wimbledon - Other slams too," another fan's tweet read.
"Venus Williams should be right next to BJK. How easily you forget women get equal pay at Wimbledon thanks to her," the fan's tweet read.
"No offense to the other girlies but why is Vee on the end and not right next to BJK???" complained another user.

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