Thanks for da luv - Rapper Lil Wayne responds to tennis star Jelena Ostapenko's fandom in unexpected crossover

Wednesday, 26 June 2024 at 11:06
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Jelena Ostapenko recently said that she prefers Lil Wayne to Drake during an interview on Tennis Channel, but found herself receiving an unexpected shoutout from the rapper.
Ostapenko went to Drake's concert during the 2024 Miami Open and said that she enjoyed Lil Wayne more and has since started listening to a lot more of the rapper since seeing him live. She said that after not knowing a lot of his songs, it made her a fan.
We've had from other realms, Matthew McConaughey with Tommy Paul and Ben Stiller also being a regular tennis watcher. Redfoo from LMFAO is most likely the highest profile tennis fan from music that is a regular attendee. But could that soon be Lil Wayne.
"I think it was nice but honestly the part of the concert where it was Lil Wayne, I liked way better. I don’t know I felt his vibe and music was so nice. When there was Drake, I was just standing, I was not dancing much, and when Lil Wayne came out, I was like dancing every single song even I didn’t know them. After the concert, I started to listen to a lot of Lil Wayne’s songs," Jelena Ostapenko said.
"Thanks for da luv," responded the rapper on his Instagram story.
During the same interview, she also gave her preferences for films with non-realistic films not being top of her list. “I like historical documentaries. When I want my head to rest, I’ll watch a comedy or a funny movie. I hate fantasy, superhero movies, any non-realistic movie. I really hate those. Obviously, you know that can’t happen in real life, like a huge monster is going to come and attack people!” Ostapenko said.
“The Hangover is my favorite movie because it’s so funny and you don’t have to think much. You can just enjoy it and you’re always smiling by the end because they’re doing such crazy things!" She is currently playing at the Eastbourne International and will now take on Katie Boulter after defeating Greet Minnen 7-6, 6-1.

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