Venus Williams stuns at Met Gala albeit not without breaking dress in wardrobe malfunction

Tuesday, 07 May 2024 at 08:08
venus williams wimbledon
Venus Williams was one of the main standouts at the 2024 Met Gala which took place during the early hours of Tuesday, The legendary tennis star though didn't go without a hitch when it came to her dress with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.
But not one you might think as it involved the mirrors on her elaborate dress which was designed by Marc Jacobs as she got to zipping it up before discovering that one of them was broken.
But she saw the funny side and also superstitious side speaking on the red carpet to E at the Met Gala. Currently off court but still playing at the age of 43, she presumably will attempt to play grass again this year as usual as she shows no signs of giving up yet. Despite that the moment belongs to the dress this time.
"It's based off the theme of today, we're showing all these dresses that are too fragile to wear," said Williams to Live from E on the red carpet. "So he (the designer) wanted to bring in the fragility of mirrors—I only broke one."
The mirror cracked as she was zipping her dress up, but there was no time to do anything. "It was too late 'cause I was already running behind," she quipped but she pressed ahead despite noting the superstitious nature of breaking a mirror. "Each one I break, it's seven years' bad luck."
Her sister Serena Williams and also Maria Sharapova were also among the main attendees on the red carpet who both stood out in the star studded event. But the tennis trailblazer was one of the first to attend back in 2004. "I think I was the first athlete to come," she said of her debut in 2004. "And then I took a long break and then I came back again like five years ago."

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