VIDEO: "You may appear to be be or feel fine" - Carla Suarez Navarro urges people to get regular health checks

Carlos Suarez Navarro appeared fine but the Spaniard was anything but fine as she was diagnosed with cancer not long after that.

In a video posted on the WTA YouTube page, Suarez Navarro spoke about her experience battling cancer at a fairly young age. Luckily Suarez Navarro was able to beat the disease and even return to the courts playing a couple of matches before retiring.

She said:

"I was diagnosed with lymphoma in late 2020 and it was a surprise. You never expect it but luckily everything went well. As I've said many times, you may feel fine or appear to be fine but deep down that's not the case. I think getting check-ups, going to the doctor, getting tests done is very important, especially to detect possible future illnesses."

Recently, the WTA partnered with Hologic to provide better healthcare to players and Suarez Navarro thinks it's a great thing:

"I think it's a very positive partnership, it's also very important for female players. I believe they will be more protected. They will also be more aware of the importance of health. I have personally suffered from it, so I'm happy that a company like this wanted to partner with a group of women. Hopefully, as time goes on, women and female players will become more aware of these yearly checks."

She finished up with:

"The message I would give to everyone about health would be to tell them about the importance of health, visiting the doctor and getting regular check-ups. It is very important to detect possible illnesses. Detecting them in time can save many lives."

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