"Why was Naomi fined for missing them & this time there’s no fine?": Svitolina responds to Sabalenka previously missing press conferences

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 at 09:15
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Elina Svitolina criticized the allowance for Aryna Sabalenka to skip press conferences and made a reference to Naomi Osaka.
Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina had a great run at the 2023 French Open, reaching the quarterfinals where she lost in straight sets to Belarusian player Aryna Sabalenka. There was anticipation about what could happen between these two renowned players, especially considering Svitolina's criticism of Russian and Belarusian players since the beginning of the war.
Svitolina did not greet Sabalenka at the end of the Roland Garros quarter-final, despite the latter approaching the net to say goodbye. However, Svitolina not greeting Russian and Belarusian players is something she has been doing and has explained her reasons on several occasions.
After the match, the 2018 WTA Finals champion compared Sabalenka's decision not to participate in press conferences to Naomi Osaka's withdrawal in 2021, where it was warned that she would be disqualified if she did not attend interviews, ultimately leading to Osaka's personal decision to withdraw in the second round.
"I think the rules should be the same for everyone. Why was Naomi fined for missing press conferences and this time there's no fine? If there was no fine for Osaka, maybe it would be different. It should be the same for every situation," Svitolina said.
On the tennis side, Svitolina's recent weeks will see her rise to the World No. 73 ranking as of Monday, which is quite impressive considering that just three weeks ago she was ranked World No. 508, after taking a break due to the emotional impact caused by the war in her country.

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