Tournament organizers at the Battle of the Brits announced that Andy Murray pulled out of the final day of action in London.

Andy Murray was part of the Battle of the Brits event in London but now he decided to pull from the final day of action due to some shin problems. It’s not yet clear whether it some mild discomfort or whether it’s some injury but nonetheless it’s a setback the Brit wanted to avoid. Yesterday after his loss to British number one Dan Evans Murray spoke about his performances:

“My game’s there, I just need more time to practice and prepare and I’ll get there. Some of the tennis I’ve played this week I think as very encouraging, I just wasn’t able to do it for a long enough in matches. That’s something that when I was up at the top of the game and competing regularly is that my level was the same throughout whereas I’m just struggling to maintain that.”

It was clear from this statement that Murray himself was encouraged by his performances so these new issues come at a very bad timing for him. Murray himself hasn’t given any official statement nor update and the news came directly from the event organizers. They wouldn’t elaborate in detail what was the issues and they simply described it as “shin problems”. Stay tuned for updates and we will have them as soon as they are announced.


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Author: Alem Mujkanovic