Alexander Zverev makes stance known on attending domestic abuse allegations trial during Roland Garros

Friday, 10 May 2024 at 17:57
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Alexander Zverev will be a big focal point in the run up to Roland Garros albeit mainly due to his scheduled trial for domestic abuse allegations which will likely be a heavy talking point in press conferences. He opened up his Rome Open campaign today and uttered four words when asked if he would be there.
There were some questions regarding whether Zverev would make it to Roland Garros given that his trial is scheduled during that time. But he has seemingly picked his work over being present for that. The third round will likely be on May 31st and this is when his court date is scheduled.
Brenda Patea who is the mother of their child went public in accusing Zverev of abusing her in May 2020 with a penalty order issued and he was fined 450,000 euros by a court in Berlin. He submitted an objection though against the order which brings a trial up.
Supposedly according to a player involved in the ATP Player Council, the ATP are ready to act if he is found guilty,. Some believe that he shouldn't be playing until he is found either innocent or guilty. His ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova also accused him, but an ATP investigation found no further action was required. BBC have confirmed also that he is not needed to attend the case over the course of the eight days. Previously describing his allegations as 'complete bulls***', he took a more firmer stance today. "No, I'm not. No," he simply muttered.
Likely Zverev is preparing himself for questioning over this to intensify and with the German being one of the leading favourites for Roland Garros, he will likely face more heavy scrutiny.

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