Andy Murray back on the grass, tries for last gasp Wimbledon attempt

Saturday, 29 June 2024 at 17:30
Andy Murray has been seen on Aorangi Park where players train ahead of 2024 Wimbledon as he aims for a last gasp bid to play the grass court major which would begin for him on Tuesday.
Lucky losers will likely remain on site at SW19 with the likelihood that his participation will go down to the wire. He has said this week that he deserves the right to push it to the limit. He has a spinal cyst which he has had back surgery on.
But Murray has since had reports released by newspapers that were denied that he was set to withdraw from Wimbledon. Overall though, the chances of him playing Tomas Machac on Tuesday still remain fairly slim. He is more likely to play doubles with brother Jamie Murray if he does play with the duo receiving a wildcard. That would likely act as his farewell from the tournament with no plans to play after the Olympics.
He recently shared that he will go on a family holiday after the Olympic Games so is likely to curtail his career there. He would therefore play in Paris after this and would have a few weeks in order to recover sufficiently. But even that will be touch and go. At least though he is making some semblance of an effort though in this case to make it to the start line next week.
"The rate that I’m improving just now, if that was to continue then an extra 72 to 96 hours makes a huge difference,’ Andy Murray said on Thursday. ‘It’s complicated, and it’s made more complicated because I want to play at Wimbledon one more time.
"I want to have that opportunity to play the tournament and I know that some people might look at that and say, withdrawing from a tournament late at the last minute or something like that isn’t the right thing to do, even though it happens every single week on the Tour.
"The winner of Queen’s will pull out of Eastbourne when the draw has been done and is clearly totally fit. But I feel like I deserve the opportunity to try to play there again. And I want to have that opportunity, so I’m going to give it as long as I can to see how well I recover.
"It has been mentioned to me, ‘Are you going to withdraw before the draw at 10am on Friday?’ And I’m like, Well, no, I’m not. I’m going to wait until the last minute to see if I’m going to be able to and I’ve earned that right to do that."

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