Andy Roddick questions whether Novak Djokovic should end 2024 season and 'go big' in 2025 instead

Sunday, 09 June 2024 at 09:39
Whilst some believe Novak Djokovic could be back in a matter of days after knee surgery, Andy Roddick has questioned whether the Serbian should come back at all before the end of the 2024 season in a bold move.
Roddick spoke on Served with Andy Roddick, his podcast about Djokovic's injury and called it the 'worst possible' time to get injured due to the big glut of Grand Slams in a row as well as the Olympic Games. This being a period that Djokovic wanted to peak at.
But with a torn meniscus, he is very much likely to miss Wimbledon before playing some semblance of a warm-up for the Olympic Games, mooted to be Hamburg as per L'Equipe. But Roddick wonders if Djokovic should just 'go big' in 2025 instead in what could be perceived as a one final push to win everything one last time.
He said that any issues and withdrawals in the next two weeks even put the US Open in jeopardy and that it is a pivotal time for the 24-time Grand Slam champion with Roddick also giving the view that he has to work when he returns and can't just play again straight away. Rehab and training will be needed.
"A torn meniscus in your knee is not a massive thing when you are 24, 25, 26 years old, but this is the worst possible time because it's the shortest turnaround time between Slams," the former World No. 1 said.
"If he pulls out in two weeks, then it's bad and I think that puts the US Open in jeopardy, do you just call a wrap on this year and say 'Hey listen I'm really going to try to go really healthy, really big for one more season', but he doesn’t have to pull out."
"It's not just, 'Okay! My knee is okay, good enough to play in a month', you have to train, you have to put in yards," Roddick continued.
"Especially Novak… your special sauce is being able to grind people down, stay in rallies, switch directions, and ask the question over and over again. Novak needs his wheels. He needs his defensive skills, probably the best defensive player in the history of tennis, and defense, you rely on your legs."

In the past day, I had to make some tough decisions after sustaining a meniscus tear during my last match. I’m still processing it all but I am happy to update you that the surgery went well. I am so appreciative of the team of doctors who have been by my side…


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