ATP to limit toilet breaks to only 3 minutes in 2022

Toilet-gate has its final conclusion as the ATP has announced it will enforce a new rule regarding toilet breaks starting next season.

Toilet breaks have always been an interesting concept in the world of tennis but during the recent US Open, the issue became a very high-profile one in the world of tennis. Stefanos Tsitsipas was at the forefront of rumors surrounding the use of toilet breaks as a tactic during tennis matches. Tsitsipas was accused by Andy Murray of unsportsmanlike conduct after the Greek took unusually long during his toilet break against Murray.

The Greek defended himself by saying it takes time for him to fully change with Dominic Thiem backing the Greek on the comments. Tsitsiaps continued to use them during the event but stopped after the event. Earlier in the year, Alexander Zverev accused him of cheating by using his phone during toilet breaks at the Cincinnati Masters noting that he did it at the French Open as well.

In response to that, the ATP announced earlier in the year that they will review the issue and now after the review, they came up with a new rule. Players will be allowed only one toilet break per match and it can be only used at the end of the set. There will be a 3-minute time limit imposed on the break with the clock starting when the players enter the toilet.

Penalties will be enforced if players take longer than the 3 minutes. Players will also be allowed an additional 2-minute break to change clothes.

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