"Because it's their rules" - Dustin Brown counters Millman's questioning of US policies

Dustin Brown offered an explanation to colleague John Millman after he continues to struggle with US COVID policies.

John Millman is still questioning the entry rules of the US as Novak Djokovic is still unable to enter the country. The Australian is using his Twitter profile to question the rules after he experienced very relaxed guidelines while playing in Atlanta.

The Aussie player was compelled to question the rules after he tested positive recently having competed in Atlanta and not being able to make sense of some of the rules. Millman has a point that some of the rules truly don't make much sense but in the end, it does not matter.

Every country has its own set of rules and they have the right to enforce them any way they see fit. That was rightly pointed out by German tennis player Dustin Brown who offered an explanation when Millman questioned the rules again.

Millman wrote:

"Thought of the day. I could be covid positive and fly into the States, no questions asked because I’m vaccinated. But someone who has recovered from covid is now covid negative but hasn’t been vax’d is denied entry. I know there are border laws but help me understand"

Brown responded:

"Every country just has their own rules. Why can I walk on the street in Germany with a beer, but I can't in other countries? Because it's their rules."

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