"Being as big as I am, I think it finally caught up to me": John Isner looking to the future after retirement, returns to tennis court with son after farewell

Wednesday, 25 October 2023 at 04:30
Former American tennis star John Isner has admitted that the age caught up with him which led him to his retirement decision.
The 38-year-old retired from professional tennis in August earlier this year after playing in the US Open.
Isner, while talking to NBC, he admitted the reason behind his decision to bid farewell to the game.
“Being as big as I am, I think it finally caught up to me,” he said. I mean, it took a big toll on my body.”
The North Carolina-born returned to the tennis court with his son and explained the experience by saying: “I've gone on the court with my son and he's so young, where I'm still kind of hand-feeding him the ball.”
Isner further went on to talk about his post-retirement activities where he revealed that he spends most of the time with his four kids and his wife.
“Definitely as it stands right now, I have more time than most dads,” he said. “So I am taking them to school, taking them to practice, taking them to their games. We've made some incredible memories with everyone.
“You know, this year we went to Australia with the whole family. The whole crew also went to London and then last year we did Madrid, Rome, Majorca and Paris with the whole family," said Isner. "It's going to come full circle with me. I mean, having the family that I have now, I know that's going to be me, who knows what my kids get into sports-wise.”
Isner finished his career at the highest level after winning 16 ATP titles. However, he could not win a single Grand Slam.
His most impressive outing in a major competition came in 2018 Wimbledon where he was knocked out of the tournament after losing the semifinal to Kevin Anderson of South Africa with a score of 7-6, 6-7, 6-7, 6-4, 26-24.

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