Berrettini reveals Musetti is locker room DJ in Davis Cup squad: "It's 2022, and he listens to music from the 70s"

Lorenzo Musetti is the player that does the music in Italy's locker room during the Davis Cup Finals but he's got quite specific taste.

Musical taste is something very subjective and everybody likes something different. For Berrettini, it was baffling when he first heard about his musical taste which happened at this year's Davis Cup finals. The young Italian is the player who plays the music in the locker room because music always plays when Musetti is around:

"Musetti chooses the background music, he practically lives with the music always on. And then I don't know how he does it … it's 2022, and he listens to music from the 70s. He listens to certain things that I didn't even know."

He added:

"As for socialisation, the others are obsessed with a card game called Sequence I think… for the rest we don't have a real hymn, perhaps a song that others put on for superstition is "night before exams", which would be on the subject ... But we don't have any major superstitious rites, apart from always sitting in the same places in the stands."

Berrettini is not playing for Italy due to an injury but he elected to be present with his teammates to cheer them on.

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