Boris Becker reveals doubts on Jannik Sinner's athleticism at French Open

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 at 15:46
Jannik Sinner will continue his campaign at the French Open on Wednesday evening when he takes on Richard Gasquet in the second round where he fell last year. For Boris Becker, he has fired a warning to the Italian with doubts on his athletic ability.
Becker spoke to Eurosport after he opened up his campaign at the French Open and said that he has yet to prove his steel on the surface and that he needs to in order to become successful and win titles. He said that there is doubts stemming from him being easily beaten by Daniel Altmaier last year in the second round as well as recently being injured.
But Sinner looked good despite his recent injury problems as he won through against Christopher Eubanks with no discerning signs that his injury is causing him problems. But the proof will certainly be in the pudding when he gets to later in the tournament and has to play five sets. Of course, he will hope not to have to play that long but given his lack of clay court prowess, it is likely. Only there can true evidence be seen of a revival.
"I think clay is the surface on which he expresses himself least well. This is different on outdoor and indoor hard courts and grass. Here he represents a great threat. On clay he hasn't won a major tournament yet. He has to prove it. Last year at Roland Garros he lost badly in the second round to Daniel Altmaier. He also comes from a serious injury, which prevented him from participating in the home tournament in Rome," said Becker to Eurosport.
"If he is in shape, there will be a chance he will have it, but only the court will be able to give answers. In the Slams you play the best of five sets and you don't win matches easily, serving 25 aces. Jannik is a very intelligent boy and he has surrounded himself with competent people had he not been well he would not have taken part in the tournament."

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