Boris Becker throws shade at supposed Alexander Zverev ATP Masters record equalling feat with previous statistics not counted

Sunday, 19 May 2024 at 16:59
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As Alexander Zverev begins his quest shortly to seal a second Rome Open title and yet another Masters 1000 title, he also made a slice of history or so was thought after reaching the final. He levelled with Boris Becker in Masters 1000 finals.
But Becker hit out at this notion as he has done in the past saying that all titles and finals before 1990 don't count when he was at his pomp and that despite rooting for his compatriot, he questioned the counting of the finals.
What Becker is getting at is the Super Masters finals which were played before the ATP Masters 1000 format was introduced in 1990. This means that despite Becker having been in 11 finals, he has actually been in double that amount if those are counted. But he has had this issue before, so it hasn't been rectified to include these finals.
But also technically they shouldn't have to. The ATP Tour was formed in 1990 in full after previously being a tour since 1972. So they only count their previous finals from that tour. It would be like counting Premier League titles in football in the grand scheme of things before 1994. They are technically on the records, but are seen as the first division instead. So Becker has a point, but also doesn't. But still he will be rooting for Zverev today who faces Nicolas Jarry shortly. Both have established themselves as the best two male German players though, albeit Zverev perhaps needs a Grand Slam to further his credentials.
“As I appreciate very much Sascha @AlexZverev reaching the final in Rome (in fact I will be rooting for him to win the title for the 2 time), I know tennis was played before 1990… meaning all titles won don’t count anymore?!? Just saying,” said Becker on X.

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