Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal mural defaced and destroyed after standing for less than two days at Madrid Open

Thursday, 02 May 2024 at 20:25
Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal were immortalised in a mural on the side of the Caja Magica at the Madrid Open which was widely praised. But this has been short lived as the graffiti has been defaced and destroyed.
Created by Street Artist, TV Boy, it was depicting their moment at the net in 2022 after the Apprentice defeated The Master with Nadal bowing out after this year and playing his final Madrid Open. Alcaraz has taken the mantle on as the top Spanish tennis star and it could be seen as the passing of the baton with this mural.
But it seems that others didn't take too kindly too it with it being destroyed and sprayed over with a black squiggle. It didn't even stand for two days before being removed. As Jose Moron of Punto de Break wrote as translated from Spanish: "What a society, which is not capable of respecting these type of things."

This is disgusting. Somebody destructed the Nadal-Alcaraz paint in Madrid already...

José Morón
José Morón

Una pena que el mural tan bonito de @tvboy sobre Rafa Nadal y Carlos Alcaraz no haya ni aguantado en pie dos días 😢😢😢 Vaya sociedad, que no es capaz de respetar este tipo de cosas. Foto: Víctor Monje.


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