Carlos Alcaraz on why he plays so well on grass: "I can be very aggressive with my tennis"

Thursday, 20 June 2024 at 11:26
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Carlos Alcaraz is showing a brutal level on grass. In 2023 he won all the matches he played on this surface between Queen's and Wimbledon and has started in 2024. He has confessed that he feels very comfortable and that it adapts very well to his game.
In quotes collected by Puntodebreak, Carlitos explained that the grass is perfect for his game and that he likes the change between surfaces, so it has not cost him anything to move from the clay of Paris to London grass:
"Honestly, I love playing on grass because I find it suits my style perfectly. The experience of getting to this stage of the season is very exhilarating for me because it is a total change in the dynamics of competition. I must say that I am very happy playing on grass because I feel I can be very aggressive in my tennis, go up to the net a lot and enjoy the game."
There are many tennis players who are dropping out of the Olympic Games claiming that they don't like changing surfaces and Charlie wanted to send them a message making it clear that this type of change does not affect him, on the contrary, they motivate him:
"I think my attitude on the court changes a little bit when I play on grass because by understanding perfectly all the intricacies of the surface and what can happen in each match, I don't complain as much as others when certain situations arise."
Queen's in preparation for Wimbledon.
At the moment Carlos Alcaraz is playing the Queen's tournament where he has had a tough draw that makes him play in the second round against Jack Draper, a very in-form player. The goal, however, is to get into a rhythm to try to win Wimbledon again.

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