"Consider that he was not able to hit a single ball on the practice court": McNamee joins Cahill in praising 'remarkable' Djokovic

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 at 08:00
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Paul McNamee has joined Darren Cahill in praising Novak Djokovic as they both marvelled at the professionalism of the Serbian after his Australian Open win.
Djokovic has been an exemplary profesisonal going to great lengths to improve every little faced of his game. HIs wiligness to try many unconvential methods have earned the mockery of some but Djokovic sticks to his princpiples and it's hard to argue agaisnt him as he keeps breaking records.
Speaking on a podcast recently, Cahill said:
"He finds a way to get through every crack and every crevice to break down the opponent's game and find weaknesses. And his movement and his professionalism is second to none. I've never seen anybody look after their body and be more professional than Novak, with the lengths he goes to get his body into the place it is."
McNamee fully agreed with it on Twitter writing:
"So true what Darren Cahill says about the professionalism of Djokovic … consider that he was not able to hit a single ball on the practice court at the AO due to injury… and only drop 1 set? Just remarkable."

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