Djokovic fans send death threats to fellow tennis player Arina Rodionova after joke surrounding World No.1's injury

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 at 07:57
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Novak Djokovic fans were mad that Australian tennis player Arina Rodionova seemingly poked fun at his injury, with her inbox being bombarded with threats.
Novak Djokovic's leg injury was described as a 3 cm muscle tear in his leg which is a significant injury. Some players have come out since then doubting the injury as it seems unlikely that he would be able to play as well as he did if that was truly his injury. Australian tennis player Arina Rodionova kind of did the same as she posted a story of herself showing her bandaged leg with the caption:
"So I have a three-centimeter tear in my hamstring and I've done some research. I should be good to go tomorrow."
She posted another story a little later calling out Djokovic fans for bombarding her with threats following her story:
"Not sure why I am getting all the death threats from Novak's fans. For some reason, people think I was joking about the injury. Tears in hamstrings is not a joking matter, people go to the hospitals with those, and can't walk for days, you guys. Shame on you for turning this into a joke."
She added:
"Some can win Slams but the rest of us have to take time off. Also I am guessing you aren't for the vaccines but pretty sure the one against rabies will do wonders."

Djokovic fans have sent death threats to Arina Rodionova all because she posted an Instagram story suggesting that "she'll be fine tomorrow" despite a 3cm tear in her hamstring. Shame on Djokovic fans. But again, it isn't surprising that they have resorted to death threats.


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