Djokovic hasn't relinquished crown to the likes of Alcaraz and Rune yet: "Inside me there is always a warrior who wants to fight"

Djokovic is not ready to let the younger generation take over just yet as he admitted to being very motivated.

Novak Djokovic experienced a rare loss against the next-gen last week in Paris when Rune came back to win the match in sensational fashion. He's getting up there in age and while still very competitive he understands that with time, younger players will overtake him. It's not going to happen soon as he revealed his motivation to push it back for as long as he can:

"This is certainly a motivation. I am very happy for Alcaraz and Rune, for the results they are achieving in their 20s, and it is certainly good for tennis that there are new faces in the limelight. But inside me there is always a warrior who wants to fight. I don't want to let young people win tournaments. I respect them a lot, but that's how I am: when I'm on the pitch I want to split them in two."

He added:

"I can't promise, because if I promise something, then of course I have to keep it, and in this case I can't promise anything because it's not predictable how my body and mind will react in the future. But I can promise that I will continue to play as long as I make it, and I feel like it."

He also lost to Alcaraz earlier this year in Madrid.

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