Djokovic usurps Nadal in Quarter-Final stat as standout male Roland Garros player after Varillas win

Sunday, 04 June 2023 at 21:00
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Novak Djokovic cruised easily against Juan Pablo Varrilas booking his 17th quarter-final at Roland Garros (French Open), one more than Rafael Nadal which means that he has the most quarter-finals at the event ever.
Djokovic has been an incredibly consistent tennis player and there are many stats that proved it. Some of those are quite incredible and while this one is okay it still shows how consistent he has been throughout his career. The Serbian beat Varillas in three sets on Sunday at Roland Garros booking the quarter-final.
That quarter-final is the 17th one he will play at Roland Garros which is one more than Rafael Nadal who is the next player in that regard. They were tied heading into this year but Djokovic eclipsed him now becoming the sole leader in that regard. He's also now only 3 grand slam quarter-finals shy of Roger Federer who reached the quarter-final 58 times in his career so far. Djokovic currently sits at 55.

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