Ex-wife of Agassi recalls time legend smashed up every trophy he ever won after her involvement in sitcom

Wednesday, 05 April 2023 at 14:13
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According to actress Brooke Shields, Agassi was not happy with her being involved with Friends causing him to smash his trophies in a fit of rage.
During a recent interview with the New York, Shields recalled a situation when she was involved with the super popular sitcom Friends. According to Shields Agassi was in attendance supporting her but he stormed out in the middle of a scene with the actress further detailing what had happened.
She said:
“Andre was in the audience supporting me, and he stormed out. He said, ‘Everybody’s making fun of me. You made a fool of me by that behavior.’ I’m like, ‘It’s comedy! What is the matter with you?’”
Agassi then went back to his home smashing the trophies in a fit of rage. Trophies that were smashed included the US Open and Wimbledon trophies with the former player opening about the story in his autobiogrpahy as well. Shields herself blamed it on his use of crystal meth rather than some character trait during the same interview:
"I learned later that he was addicted to crystal meth at that point so that irrational behavior I’m sure had something to do with that."

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