Fritz opens up on not seeing son Jordan as much as he'd like: "I hope as he gets older he understands what I'm doing"

Friday, 23 June 2023 at 14:00
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Taylor Fritz is a father and he became a father relatively early in his life which is something that he considers a blessing though it's been hard being away from his kid.
Being a professional tennis player means that 99 % of your time will be dedicated to that sport. From constant travelling to everything else, it's just almost impossible to be a successful parent unless the kid travels with you. That's not the case with Fritz as his child remains with his mother most of the time which makes it hard for the American to see him that often:
"I have a son that I don't get to see near as much as I'd like. Jordan is my son from a previous relationship. I had him when I just turned 19. As it stands right now, I just have to try to see him as much as I possibly can. I just hope as he gets older he understands what I'm doing, and understands what I'm trying to do."

Being a parent

Being a parent is a tricky thing for anyone let alone somebody who is not present all the time. Fritz also shared his interactions with his son and how he's not that easily impressed:
"When I told him that I'm not the best tennis player in the world, he's a little surprised and a little disappointed that I'm not the best. He's not easily impressed. I guess I just need to keep improving so maybe at one point I can say, 'Hey Jordan, I'm actually the best in the world.'"
Time will tell whether he'll get there but there is certainly talent with Fritz. He's proven he can play with the best so if he puts together some strong months and wins a grand slam, number one shouldn't be that far away.

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