Goran Ivanisevic won't immediately go to another big player after Novak Djokovic split with building aim

Friday, 05 April 2024 at 18:15
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Goran Ivanisevic could be seen as a hot commodity after parting ways with Novak Djokovic after six years but he said before that his next move would be potentially coaching a player from the bottom.
Ivanisevic has only partnered with Novak Djokovic so only had a player at the top of his game, so he has yet to have someone who is just starting out and this could change. This comes in the week that he had his big tell all interview with Tennis Majors where he stated the demise of his relationship and how it happened.
“Actually yes. I would like to do that,” Ivanisevic told The Tennis Podcast. “To work with a younger player starting out. Build something together. That would be ideal.”  
“It wasn’t now in America, I mean, it never really occurred. I first noticed the feeling, if I’m being completely honest, last year in America,” he said to Tennis Majors.
“I won’t say as far back as Wimbledon, but that Wimbledon, of course the player is always most affected, but as a coach that loss really hit hard. Of course, all congratulations to (Carlos) Alcaraz, at the end of the day he was the better player, but one or two points here and there it could have easily turned out different.
“We then went to America, and it goes without saying, [we had] an incredible run there – that finals match against [Carlos] Alcaraz in Cincinnati, winning the US Open. However, that’s when I really began to feel that the end was near.”

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