"Grow up" "You wouldn't understand": Criticism of Rafael Nadal being asked for shirt by Pedro Cachin slammed by Kyrgios and tennis fans

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 at 20:58
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One of the main talking points after Rafael Nadal took down Pedro Cachin was the mooted shirt swap at the end with the former sealing a 6-1, 6-7, 6-3 win over the Argentine and the latter asked for his kit afterward as a memento of the occasion of playing his idol.
But some took issue to this with Cachin being a professional sportsman and of course vying for the win so not like a fan in the stands who potentially would ask for his shirt as has become the case with kids across sporting stadiums with signs.
David Law, who hosts the Tennis Podcast and also does commentary work for BBC took a negative view to asking at the net in particular: "Sorry Pedro, asking for your opponent's shirt at the net ain't it." But he received many disparaging displays including from Nick Kyrgios who said that he wouldn't understand.
"Why? NBA players, soccer players do it all the time? It’s a memory, an experience that took a life time of work and that less than 1% of humans get to. You wouldn’t understand," said Kyrgios in response.
"Played his idol on his last season on tour. Gave a good account of himself in a hard fought match and wants a souvenir afterwards. It’s cool to have a moment like that. Can’t blame him for savoring it and soaking it all in. I don’t see a problem here," another user on X responded. While another told him to 'grow up' with his view. Damian Kust, a journalist also replied saying that he didn't see the issue with him wanting a souvenir of playing his idol to which Law responded: "Souvenir?".
Whatever side of the fence you fall on, Nadal's retirement will garner moments such as this with a generation of players inspired by the exploits of the great Spaniard and it won't only be the fans but the players who also attempt this. But on a professionalism stand point, the other side can be seen.

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