"He's a robot, that explains it": Mardy Fish playfully jokes about Djokovic's chest device

Saturday, 03 June 2023 at 07:00
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After exposing a mysterious chip attached to his chest at Roland Garros (French Open), Novak Djokovic has been the recipient of some humorous comments, with former tennis player Mary Fish comparing the Serbian to a robot.
The chip was made visible when Djokovic took of his shirt during second-round match in Paris, with cameras zooming in to get a better view. About the size of a small bottle cap, it sparked curiosity and speculation about its purpose and impact on the former World No.1's game.
Fish, who never misses an opportunity to make a joke, took a playful shot at the 22-Grand Slam champion, calling him a robot.
"Ahhhh, he's a robot. That explains it," Fish wrote.
When questioned about the chip, Djokovic responded with a playful remark, stating that he wore it in honor of Iron Man, his favorite childhood superhero.
"When I was a kid I liked Iron Man a lot, so I try to impersonate Iron Man," said Djokovic.

Ahhhh, he's a robot. That explains it

The Tennis Letter
The Tennis Letter

Novak Djokovic currently has a clear piece of tape on his chest with something in the center. Is this possibly another tennis player superstition? I want to know how that little piece of tape stays on when he’s running at full speed & sweating 😂 pic.x.com/mnnhgtfxao


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