"He's an icon but out of the GOAT debate for sure" - fans react to Berdych comments

Tomas Berdych thinks that Roger Federer leaving the sport of tennis will leave a greater dent than when Djokovic and Nadal do it.

Not many people would disagree that Roger Federer is one of the most important players in the history of tennis. He elevated the sport to a global phenomenon becoming the most popular tennis player in history. He still enjoys that same popularity, one that is greater than that of Nadal and Djokovic.

Due to that, Tomas Berdych expressed his belief that him leaving the sport will leave a bigger dent than any other player. He also called him an icon:

"Those who wanted to compare the greatest aces by numbers would find arguments for different players. The number of Grand Slam titles may be the most objective measure, but there are athletes who have left a huge mark. I think Roger will leave a bigger dent than Djokovic. I think he is a bigger icon than Nadal."

A fan did not like the way Berdych phrased that and he responded with:

"When both Nadal and Novak have surpassed him, and suddenly GS titles don’t count. Federer is an icon, no doubt about that but he’s out of the GOAT debate for sure."

Another added:

"Nadal has a much bigger following on social media than Federer so don’t see how he has much response? So subjective."

Check out some more reactions:

"Nobody said GS titles don’t count but they aren’t the only thing that counts."

"Did Federer also set up the PTPA to benefit underprivileged tennis players?Nope, that was #Djokovic. Berdych please keep quiet."

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