"I basically don't know if it's very serious": Daniil Medvedev puzzled on Madrid Open injury exit, awaiting MRI to seal Rome fate

Friday, 03 May 2024 at 07:58
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Daniil Medvedev handed Jiri Lehecka a walkover after the Russian ace lost the first set 6-4 at the Madrid Open and Lehecka as a result reaches the semi-final where he faces Felix Auger-Aliassime.
But for Medvedev, it is a puzzling injury as he couldn't feel his leg and couldn't move which halted his movement and made it almost impossible for him to play. He said it was mind over matter with his brain wanting to play, but his body not doing it.
"I felt on, it was a return when he served and volleyed and I don't know if I felt it on the return or on the dropshot, but when I ran, I wanted to run faster and faster during the movement, and suddenly felt my hip, like, kind of blocked," the Russian later explained. "And I couldn't sprint like when you strain a muscle probably or have a spasm, which is very tough to know which of the two."
He continued: "So then working with the physio, and then asked him if I could make it worse. He said if it's a tear, then yes. If it's a spasm, no."
"I tried to go to play, and my mind was not letting me to, like, go full, so at the end of the set, I was, like, if I want to continue, I just try to sprint to the net. If I don't feel anything, I try to go a little bit more full and see how it goes, and when I sprinted I felt pain. So I was, like, no, no need to continue."
"Now I cannot say more. Hopefully for sure tomorrow or day after, because normally you need time, MRI, et cetera, to see what it is, and if it's something five days, two weeks, I have no idea. So I cannot tell you more."
But is his Rome title defence in doubt? He said yes which could spell danger for the rest of his clay court season. But he isn't sure overall either way.
"Right now, definitely yes, but I need to see the images, speak to my team. Yeah, because it sure would be good to come back there after winning last year, but just need to see what it is, because right now I basically don't know if it's very serious, just serious, or not serious. No idea."

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