"I know for a fact that she never watched tennis before she started dating Fritz": Tennis fans criticize Fritz' girlfriend Riddle for Zendaya film critique

Tuesday, 27 June 2023 at 10:04
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Morgan Riddle, the girlfriend of American tennis star Taylor Fritz, received heavy backlash from fans online after she criticized 'Challengers', an upcoming movie starring actress Zendaya.
Scheduled for release on June 20, 'Challengers' follows Tashi Duncan (Zendaya), a once-successful player whose career is abruptly cut short due to a devastating injury. The film sees Tashi coach her husband, who has been dealing with a string of losses, as he prepares to face Patrick, his rival and Tashi's ex-boyfriend, in a challenger tournament.
After seeing the trailer, Riddle was asked her opinion on the movie in a Q&A session with fans. The social media influencer stated the film was 'the worst movie ever made' and said she had little desire to watch it.
"I'm sorry, I'm not even just saying this because I'm stingy about tennis stuff but it genuinely looks like the worst movie ever made?? I can't want to never watch it," Riddle posted on her Instagram story.
This led to several fans firing back, with some even comparing the movie to episodes of Netflix's Break Point series that featured Taylor Fritz and questioning her film critique credentials.
"She's talking big smack for someone whose bf took part in Break Point," a fan tweeted.
"Me about freeze BP episodes," another fan chimed in.
"I know for a fact that she never watched tennis before she started dating Fritz," a fan commented.
"Your boyfriend is Taylor Fritz so you're clearly not that stingy about tennis," a user posted.
"I mean Zendaya is Zendaya, who's this? Someone's gf?" inquired another fan.

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