"I said that they would end up winning more than Federer" - Ivanisevic on Djokovic and Nadal

Monday, 01 August 2022 at 12:30
nadal djokovic rome 2021
Goran Ivanisevic was always sure that both Nadal and Djokovic would surpass Roger Federer in the number of grand slams they win.
Although Goran Ivanisevic had been Novak Djokovic's mentor for several years prior to 2019, the two first began training together in 2019. The Croatian acknowledged in a recent interview that he always anticipated Djokovic and Nadal will surpass Federer in grand slam victories:
"Even before I became Djokovic's coach, I said that, together with Nadal, they would end up winning more than Federer. If they are healthy, they have no limits. I think they will continue to win."
Ivanisevic has known Djokovic for many years and he explained in the interview how their relationship really began:
"I spoke with Djokovic the first time we met when he was nine years old. It wasn't until he was 13 that we started working together. Now we have been collaborating for 18, which is a very long period. He repeated every time his desire to reach 30 Grand Slams, that's what he wants. He will play the next five years and he will have a chance to get that milestone.”

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