"I think everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions": Murray believes sports and politics do mix amid Djokovic Kosovo row

Sunday, 04 June 2023 at 18:30
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Andy Murray shared his thoughts on the Novak Djokovic Kosovo ordeal which he created by leaving a controversial message on the cameras after his round one match.
Djokovic left a message of support for Serbian people living in Kosovo after civil unrest erupted in the north of the country. It was a controversial statement because Djokovic called Kosovo the heart of Serbia which was deemed provocational by the country's tennis federation as they are an independent country, although their independence is not recognized by the vast majority of Serbians including Djokovic. Unsurprisingly there was no fine but we probably won't see Djokovic scribbling similar things on the camera again.
Murray shared his thoughts on the situation:
“You often hear athletes, journalists, and commentators say that sports and politics shouldn’t mix, but they do. When politics have supposedly influenced decisions that have been harmful to their [sportsmen] careers they argue sports and politics should not mix.But then they’re more than happy to talk on matters that they agree with.”
The Brit further added that he thinks athletes should be able to express opinions:
“They [athletes and players] like taking photos with prime ministers and world leaders. In many countries, prime ministers and government officials celebrate athletes’ victories and big wins. They’re always around at sporting events and it is a privilege to to be invited to the White House or Downing Street. We have a responsibility as athletes to try and bring people together and not necessarily to divide each other. I think everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions, I think that’s very important. Just like it should be okay for everyone to disagree with them.”

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