"If our number one is in the team, we can definitely go far": Troicki hoping for Djokovic involvement in Davis Cup

Friday, 31 March 2023 at 15:30
Djokovic Davis Cup
Serbia's Davis Cup captain Viktor Troicki is hopeful that Novak Djokovic commits to Serbia for the Davis Cup as he believes they can go very far in the competition.
Djokovic has rarely missed a chance to play for Serbia in the Davis Cup but he's picked his spot carefully as well. Very few things he does are not calculated and he's yet to commit to this year's Davis Cup competition. His friend Troicki serves as the captain and he's hopeful that Djokovic will play for the country:
“First of all, we are glad that this year we are in the group stage of the Davis Cup World Group. We are in a similar group to 2022, playing again in Valencia and again against the host Spain, as well as South Korea, which we know extremely well. The new opponent is the Czech national team.”
Djokovic wasn't part of the national team last year and while Troicki believes they can come out of the group without him, he still wants him to play for the country and the reasons don't need to be explained. It's quite self-explanatory:
“I’m sure we can get through this group and qualify for the final competition in November. If our number one tennis player Novak Djokovic is in the team with him, we can definitely go far in this competition."

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