Is Andy Murray missing a trick by retiring seemingly at Olympic Games over Wimbledon

Thursday, 09 May 2024 at 14:15
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Andy Murray is seemingly is on his way to retirement at the Olympic Games after winning multiple Olympic Gold medals but perhaps that isn't the best move.
Wimbledon was initially mooted as the destination for his retirement after announcing that he wouldn't be playing much after the Summer. Murray is revered at SW19 after winning the tournament twice and overall simply anchoring British hopes for a number of years.
While other big British names have come and go, Murray has remained even through the resurfacing of his hip and subsequent drop in the rankings, he has often produced his best form over the years at SW19 and even last year reached the second round with an utter epic over Stefanos Tsitsipas which he was in a winning position in until the match was halted. But it is path of the course for top names to not retire perhaps where they could do.
Rafael Nadal for instance who is currently on court in Rome was mooted by many to end his career at the 2024 French Open or at the very least the Olympic Games which takes place in the same venue this year at Roland Garros. His greatest ever stomping ground so he would for sure go out on a high. But he seemingly doesn't want that with the Davis Cup more likely back home in Spain. That one perhaps is more befitting in terms of going home for the final time and his tour coming full circle.
Andy Murray will likely play his final tournament at the Olympic Games.
Andy Murray will likely play his final tournament at the Olympic Games.
It would also enable him realistically to play at Wimbledon and the US Open if he saw fit and give those tournaments his final farewell. But it is unsure what his plans are yet. For Murray, it seems he is simply playing clay over the coming weeks in order to bookend one final Olympic Games. But with that also comes peril.
Murray is known not to like clay as a surface and usually prepares for Wimbledon instead during this time. So while he will get a final farewell in Geneva and Paris, it is a perilous gamble. But returning so soon after an ankle ligament issue is as well and for someone who has come back from career ending hip surgery, it is a gamble he is willing to take.
He likely won't play singles either in Paris in July with Joe Salisbury likely to partner him again. He will play at the French Open with Dan Evans to get some practice in. But he sees that as his best chance of a medal having won gold in singles twice. So technically his singles farewell could be at Wimbledon, but perhaps it would be best to ride off into the sunset there.
He could feasibly lose first round in Paris and given it is not Nadal who will be the main focus or even his home country, it could very much be a damp squibb of a final stand. He could of course go all the way, but even so it is an interesting complexion for what could be Murray's final tournament.
But similar to Nadal, he is not bookended a date for the end. So he could play until the US Open given it is in the same time period and almost ends the season and then decide to end his career. But Wimbledon as first priority would be where the outpouring of emotion and fan support would be the loudest. He will still receive likely a ceremony and other such regalia but just without a finality to his last on court action in the UK. A country where he is seen as a national hero and is a Knight of the Realm. Maybe a missed trick from Murray. Time will tell.

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