Ivanisevic on remaining career path for Djokovic: "He could stay at the top for three more years and fight for titles"

Novak Djokovic could stay on top for three more years according to his coach Goran Ivasenivic who shared it in a talk with Croatian Media.

Djokovic's most recent results showed some of the best tennis he has played all year long. Wimbledon was his biggest event of the year and while he showed a high level there, the sheer dominance by which he catapulted himself to the trophy podium in Astana and Tel-Aviv was a clear warning sign that the Serbian is not done.

Ivanisevic thinks he won't be done for a while:

"He was always physically fit and that was never a problem, and if he stays like that, I am convinced that he could stay at the top or near the top for another three years and fight for all the titles."

The Croatian sat down with Sportske Novosti, a Croatian newspaper to discuss what he sees in the future of Djokovic. More trophies are a given but the Seribna also has his eyes on some records. Ivanisevic confirmed that any tennis record within Djokovic's grasp is interesting to him:

"Everything related to some kind of record is interesting to Novak. The question remains how much he will play and how long it will last, but at the moment he is in now, I am sure he could attack or influence those records as well."

His next event should be the Paris Masters after which he'll play the ATP Finals in Turin. Serbia did not qualify for the Davis Cup Finals so he won't be playing there.

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