Jannik Sinner hilariously jokes about not being 'good in fashion' despite Gucci deal

Saturday, 01 June 2024 at 07:33
Seen with his superb bespoke Gucci bags and also previously in advertisements for the brand, Jannik Sinner has been seen as having a good fashion sense. But it seems that it is very much not an opinion that the World No.2 shares hilariously.
Sinner saw off Pavel Kotov on Friday at the 2024 French Open with the Italian finding his way through against the player that he suffered his hip injury against in Madrid. But it was a pretty simple three set win for the Italian.
Fabrice Santoro said post match that he'd seen Sinner in a myriad of outfits and rocking fashionable clothes and whether he had any advice. To which Sinner laughed it off that Santoro was more fashionable than him.
In the words of the Italian, he said that he is simply given the clothes to wear and he wears them and said that his fashion sense that may appear on the surface through his portfolio with Gucci and Nike isn't actually his taste.
He has previously been seen with a superb Gucci bag at Wimbledon which he carries onto the court and has been on ad campaigns for the brand previously. He is also sponsored by Nike but of course mainly just wears the on-court kit which fits a tennis purpose as opposed to being fashionable.
"I saw recently many photos of you doing fashion, I'm not very good in fashion, do you have any advice to give me," Santoro said.
"In fashion," Sinner replied. "Yeah because I saw so many nice pictures of you, I’m very lost," the former French player added.
"You look better than me," Sinner claimed."No I don't," Santoro denied. "I'm not good in fashion guys, they just give me the things to wear, I wear it and I just try to look good," the Italian concluded.

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