Jessica Pegula asks Tiafoe to finally win a match 'the normal way'

Friday, 09 September 2022 at 20:05
frances taifoe australian open 2021
In her post-match press conference, Jessica Pegula spoke about Frances Tiafoe and praised his accomplishments.
The American played stunned many fellow Americans with his play at the US Open and Jessica Pegula is no exception. She spoke quite a bit about Tiafoe after her loss at the US Open, noting how she teases him often about his habit of complicating matches more than he needs to:
"I'm always kind of got on him. Can you win a match, like, normal and not be like this whole theatrical event? I always give him c**p. It's amazing to see how he has played so much more focused even though he had a couple of tough matches in Montreal and Cincinnati and all this stuff. I was like, You're playing so much better. It's coming. It's just coming for that one match."
On another note, Pegula admitted it's really good to see him do well because she likes him and the way he plays:
"It's really nice to see. He's so much fun to watch, so charismatic. Nothing but good things to say about him. I'm really proud of him for really focusing on these last couple weeks because he can be all over the place. The way he's taking care of business has been really, really impressive. Yeah, I know he's super hyped up and ecstatic, but such a good story on him. I just wish I could join him or Coco could join him or something like that."

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