"Let's say I live normal, I am a normal kid": Alcaraz blown away by reception after popularity skyrocketed

Thursday, 04 May 2023 at 09:30
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Carlos Alcaraz is blow away with the amount of support he's recived after his quick ascention to the top of tennis in the past year.
Alcaraz has quickly become one of the most popular tennis players on the Tour. His style of play quickly made a lot of fans love the way he plays and he's been blown away by the amount of support he's received both in his native Spain and around the world. He felt everywhere he went and it's still something that surprises him:
"I felt so much love in the practice, in the matches. It's almost full everywhere, for me it's unbelievable. I can't believe honestly, the love that I receive from all the people. Let's say I live normal, I am a normal kid. Obviously, people stop me and ask me for a picture, but yeah, I'm normal."
He's opted to stay grounded in the moment not allowing any of that to change the way he behaves on or off the court. Part of that is his upbringing as he explained that his parents helped him remain humble after all the success:
"Well, I'm a normal guy. I think that I'm not really, really famous, you know. Yeah, I will always be the same person, you know, with my people, my parents, you know. I think my parents did a great job, you know when I was really young. Nothing happens to me. You know, I will always be the same. Nothing changed for me."

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