Macci calls Alcaraz 'most complete player' but with warning: "He's gonna lose, he's gonna fail, he's gonna choke"

In an exclusive interview with Tennis Infinity former coach of Serena Williams and many other players, Rick Macci called Carlos Alcaraz the most complete player.

It's been quite clear for a while that Carlos Alcaraz is not your average player. He's incredible at his young age and already looks like a player that will write down his name in tennis history. In some ways he did and legendary coach Macci believes Alcaraz is truly complete, able to take on anybody:

"Against any player, any day, on any surface, he's going to be able to hang in there. A lot of people think clay is his best surface, I say it's hard court. I think he does more damage with his power. He has such a cafeteria of shots at his disposal on the menu on clay, I think he has too many options."

Even so he's not a player that will wins always. No player in history won all the time which is why Macci warned fans against putting a perfection tag on him. He is going to lose matches and trophies and much more as his career unfolds:

"He's gonna lose, he's gonna fail, he's gonna choke, he's gonna feel pressure, but in my opinion, if he can say healthy, because I'm just a little concerned, he slides so much and he's very violent in his movement and he's gotten a few injuries so you got to keep an eye on that, he's the most complete player inside and out."

Asked about his future, Macci predicted 10+ grand slams for hmi if his body holds up:

"Barring injury, definitely double-digit Grand Slam winner. And then from there, who knows where this can go, but the injury thing's going to be the biggest thing. But I think he loves to play."

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