"Mental health is important only if it suits you, yeah?" - Tennis fans slam Nick Kyrgios for his insensitive comments about Fernando Verdasco

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios slammed Fernando Verdasco following his doping suspension, which has infuriated tennis fans.

Verdasco was imposed a two-month suspension by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) on Wednesday after testing positive for methylphenidate and failing to renew his Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). TUE allows athletes to compete even if their medication contains a prohibited substance.

Kyrgios took to social media to say that the news of the Spaniard's ban did not surprise him.

“Can’t say I’m surprised with this one,” Nick Kyrgios said.

Tennis fans slammed the Australian for making such a callous comment while he had experienced mental health issues. One fan mocked Kyrgios' statement by posting news clips of his plea for the dismissal of his assault case on mental health grounds.

"Me neither, CRAZY," wrote the user.

Another fan commented that for someone who claimed to have suffered from mental health issues, he should be more compassionate.

"For someone who claims to have suffered depression/mental health issues, I thought you’d be more compassionate. ADD/ADHD are real conditions that need to be treated. Just because some Docs misdiagnose or over-medicate doesn’t mean there aren’t people/kidssuffering.@NickKyrgios," another fan said.

One user criticized the 27-year-old for doubting Verdasco's mental health issues when he was seeking dismissal in the assault case of his ex-girlfriend on mental grounds.

"You wrote a 2 page essay on mental health a couple of years back, you're seeking dismissal of an assault case by your ex on mental health grounds. And you're here doubting someone's ADHD medication you absolute fucking noodle!" one user expressed.

Several other fans chimed in, with many making reference to Kyrgios' hypocrisy when dealing with his own mental health issues.

"Mental health is important only if it suits you, yeah?" wrote a fan.

"Mental health is only important when he’s the one struggling with it apparently," said another fan.

"This guy's mental health issues include belittling other people's issues," opined another fan.

"At least he doesn't hit women," said another fan, in reference to the domestic abuse allegations by Kyrgios's ex-girlfriend.

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