Novak Djokovic won't herald Olympic Games goal over 8th Wimbledon in the view of Paul McNamee

Friday, 07 June 2024 at 09:27
Novak Djokovic's priorities will always remain the Grand Slams in the view of Paul McNamee. This is despite the fact that the current and outgoing World No.1 has stated all along that one of his final goals is to win an Olympic Gold medal.
Djokovic's recent meniscus tear hampered his French Open bid and for the 24-time Grand Slam champion he is seemingly gearing up for the Olympic Games.
But if McNamee's theory is to be believed, he will attempt to push back and be ready for Wimbledon in just over a months time despite the three week recovery time basically ruling it out. The Aussie said that it is nonsense to think that he will pick an Olympic Games over an eighth Wimbledon.
In the view of McNamee, he sees the Grand Slams always as priority. Albeit it seems the next one that Djokovic can win isn't until the US Open now and the Olympic Games is next. Suffering his meniscus tear against Francisco Cerundolo, he was forced to withdraw from the tournament.
Casper Ruud got a bye into yet another Grand Slam semi-final. He faces Alexander Zverev in a crunch clash. The winner faces Jannik Sinner or Carlos Alcaraz. So in reality one that Djokovic would've loved to have bene involved in.
"For those speculating on Djokovic’s priorities, and claiming he puts winning an Olympics gold above an 8th Wimbledon, I beg to differ. In our sport, the Grand Slams matter the most… always have, always will," said McNamee on X.
Djokovic contradicted said comments priorly saying that the Olympic Games is a priority. "Well, I'm thinking about it and I, I think it is possible if I don't think it's possible, I probably would not be playing Olympic Games. So, you know, you always have to believe that everything is possible in life. And the Olympic Games are the oldest and most prestigious sporting events in the history of the sport. It's a huge honor to be representing Serbia in the Olympic Games," Djokovic said.
"So I hope I can be healthy and fit and I hope I can play my best tennis because at the end of the day, who knows if I get another chance to play the Olympic games. They only come every four years. I said recently that I would really want to play at least till LA Olympic Games, but you never know, you know at this stage what can happen or how far I can go. So I'll try to use this opportunity as best

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