"I only have negative thoughts" admits Mirra Andreeva wallowing in Paolini French Open disappointment

Friday, 07 June 2024 at 11:31
Mirra Andreeva is out of the 2024 French Open losing in the semi-finals to Jasmine Paolini who will now take on Iga Swiatek in the final at Roland Garros. A match that the 17-year-old prodigy was expected to win, she was taught a lesson 6-3, 6-1 by the 12th seed.
She spoke afterwards and said that it is tough to be positive after such a crushing loss and that he hasn't found the route yet to curb the disappointment after such a defeat. "Honestly, I haven't found this thing yet. After the losses it's always tough to start to think positive again. I mean, maybe not for everyone but for me I only have negative thoughts coming first and then if I talk to my team then maybe if few days will go on then maybe after I will have some thoughts that maybe I played good here," Mirra Andreeva said.
"Maybe I could have done better here but overall it was a good tournament. So I think for now we'll just need a couple of days to just wait until the negative thoughts will go away and I can clearly see the situation and then to make some conclusions out of this trip. And that's it."
In terms of her tactics though, she said that she will simply wallow in bed for 12 hours and do nothing. She also said that she won't really talk to her team but that they make her feel better in the end and that she is glad to have them around.
"I would say that I stay in my bed. I sleep for 12 hours. I do nothing," said Andreeva also in her press conference.
"Well, we will have to travel to go back home so I will not talk a lot. I will be like too down in myself. I will never ask some questions. If somebody asks me, well I will answer with few words and then I would rather somebody not to talk to me at all."
"But it's always easier with your team around and your family because they make you feel better. So, today I was actually talking okay, not just few words so I think maybe I'm improving a little bit in this stuff but I think for the next two days I will not be talking a lot."
Whilst she hasn't found the way to deal with disappointment yet, she will likely do so in time with more late runs likely for the emerging star.

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