Olympic Games in doubt for Jack Draper? Withdraws from Croatia Open Umag after Wimbledon disappointment

Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 16:12
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The week before the Olympic Games sees the Croatia Open Umag take place in a myriad of tournaments. But alarmingly multiple players have already withdrawn after a lot of injuries at Wimbledon with Jack Draper one of the latest to withdraw from a pre Olympic Games tournament.
Draper has suffered with a lot of injuries in the past so it will be hoped that this isn't the case in this situation. But is either done in precaution ahead of the Olympic Games or sees his participation in doubt.
He will represent Great Britain for the first time at the Olympic Games as the leading singles player alongside Katie Boulter. Andy Murray will also play for the final time albeit despite being nominated, he will only play in doubles.
Many players made the inquisitive move to sign up for tournaments in the weeks prior to the Olympic Games as the action shifts back onto clay. Casper Ruud for instance given his mantle of king of 250 European Clay has done so despite him playing the Olympic Games.
In some situations though, this has done more harm than good with the women's in particular seeing players in action too much and not producing at the main event. Danielle Collins for instance played Strasbourg the week before Roland Garros then floundered in Paris.
So likely for Draper, it is more a hope that he will be ready for the Olympic Games after a short break. He did suffer disappointment too at Wimbledon with a defeat to Cameron Norrie after winning his maiden title on the surface earlier this summer and also defeating Carlos Alcaraz.
But by his own admission, the pressure got to him in his first Wimbledon with expectation as he lost to his fellow Brit. Now he won't be in action for a bit, but the Olympic Games field anyway is pretty truncated due to withdrawals and the shift in surfaces. This is also a likely factor with some just having a one shot at the Olympic Games instead of playing warm-ups.

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